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Star Trek: Barclay's Adventure (test)

2 April 21

How about playing as a space fleet officer? This interactive game that reminds you of a story from a series of space adventures, you will control an officer named Barclay. He is a senior officer of the HTA-115 AP starship team. Therefore, he found himself and the private holoterminal disconnected and woke up in the morning. And he so wants to play his beloved games. First, talk with the service engineer who is in another cabin. He will give you a couple of important tips on what to do next. Next, use the arrow buttons to stir around the spaceship. Go to the holoterminal and download the test program. Then go to the holoterminal. You see a doll. Let's talk to her. This is a medical researcher. What else can she do besides scientific help!? Definitely she wants fuckfest and sperm.. You can have fuckfest with this chesty beauty. Do you like this activity? Definitely fuckfest is finer than playing games. So let's begin the venture..

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